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Group presentation skills
Presentation Skills Coaching
  • Typically for all levels from C suite personnel to senior managers
  • Own the room, hear the applause
  • Tailored to your business and presentation style
  • Time and place to suit your schedule
  • Lots of recorded practice (video)
  • Assistance with structure, messaging and persuasion
  • Complete commercial confidentiality
  • Expert feedback & guidance for speeches or presentations …
    speech writing service available
  • 100 Days FREE Post Workshop learning support program
One-on-One Coaching

What happened last time you got up to speak? It was pretty good…right? But, was it the best it could possibly be? Did all your messages land the way you wanted them to? Did you inspire people? Did you persuade people? Did you create and deliver a speech or presentation that was unique, memorable and exciting? Did it enhance your reputation? Did you manage questions effectively? Did you manage your nerves effectively? Were your visual-aids a help or a hindrance?

In our One-on-One coaching, we’ll show you how to achieve all that and lots more…and of course, everything is completely confidential.

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Presentation Bureau delivers sales training programs in all capital cities of Australia and travels to a host of regional and international destinations on request.

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